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Yoga Exercise Ball Gym Anti-burst Pilates Balance Trainer W/Pump
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Yoga Exercise Ball Gym Anti-burst Pilates Balance Trainer W/Pump

Our balancing balls have training schematics written specifically on them, making it incredibly easy to do conventional postures at any moment simply following the instructions.

Yoga Exercise Ball Gym Anti-burst Pilates Balance Trainer W/Pump Features:

  • The 65cm yoga ball is made of durable and anti-slip PVC which is strong enough to hold up to 1102lbs. With the cellular structure, the yoga ball is burst-resistant and will only deflate slowly and even be punctured under load. You can use the fitness ball for whatever related workouts at ease, also sightly textured surface will make it stay in place without slipping or sliding.  
  • Attachable Resistance Bands: Pay one get two outstanding functions! It is a brand new version of a gym ball, you can use the exercise ball for traditional yoga exercise, or, you can proceed with your resistance training with the provided resistance bands on both sides of the yoga ball. You can improve your balance, stability, flexibility, and arm strength by just simply sitting on the ball and using the bands.  
  • Our balance balls are specially printed with workout diagrams on the ball which is extremely convenient to perform standard postures by following the guide anytime. No more paper instructions and online training guidance are needed! Try an exercise ball as a way of alleviating some minor back and hip pain!  
  • We have provided a foot pump and two stretch bands and other small accessories for you. You could inflate the workout ball easily and quickly with the pump within [average]15 minutes(Time you need to double on another manual pump). And the provided soft tape allows getting the birthing ball?s size which is easier and more precise.  
  • Our yoga ball comes in a beautiful box. If your family or friend happens to be yoga lovers, white collars, or mother-to-be(65cm is a suggested size), our birthing ball would be a sweet gift and shows how considerate you are. Please note that the suitable user height of the 65cm yoga ball is about 5?3?? to 6?1?? (160cm-185cm) while the suitable desk height for it is about 28 in.  
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