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Disc Exercise Yoga Balance Wobble Cushion Physical Therapy Core
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Disc Exercise Yoga Balance Wobble Cushion Physical Therapy Core 

A foundation for the chair that is ergonomically designed to reduce pressure on the back and spine;

Disc Exercise Yoga Balance Wobble Cushion Physical Therapy Core  Features:

  • This inflated wobble cushion provides an ?unstable? surface to exercise on. Keep your balance, it requires the use of more core muscles on your trunk, especially the abdominal and back muscles that people don?t often use to stabilize their upper body on flat surfaces. Stand, sit, or kneel on the balance disc that can be incorporated into your strength training, yoga, aerobatics, and injury recovery program, thereby increasing training effectiveness.
  • Better Metal Floor Pump Included] Instead of cheap plastic step-on or hand pumps that others may include, this inflatable cushion has an included metal floor pump to quickly inflate or deflate it to fit your needs. The air needle can be stowed on the floor pump for storage and easy access. Besides the air seat, this full-size floor pump can be used for inflating/deflating balls or bicycles.
  • [Good for Sedentary People] This ergonomic inflated cushion improves the sitting posture of sedentary people to be ?active sitting?. Sores & strains build faster in hip, back & spine muscles when sitting for a long time in one gesture. With a soft air cushion to sit or lean on, you will involuntarily adjust your sitting posture, thus the pressure is evenly distributed to more muscles to relieve back & neck strains. The soft texture with round dots or spikes offers a deep massage to prevent soreness.
  • Kids love these funnier wiggly seats compared with common static ones. The soft dots and spikes on the two sides of the balance disk provide more sensory input for restless children to sit still and concentrate better, especially for kids with ADHD or ASD. The eye-catching wiggle cushion offers more visual clues for children to find the appropriate places to sit.
  • The latex-free soft material of the balance cushion ensures a comfortable touch for even kids? sensitive skin. With the thickened anti-burst design, this stability disc is able to support a max of 660 lbs compared with other typical 450 lbs ones on the market.
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